Sectors of activity

Whatever your sector of activity, we put at your disposal the multidisciplinary skills of our team to make your projects a success.


A know-how of more than 35 years in the production of metal parts for fittings and installations in livestock buildings.

In stainless steel, galvanized, aluminum and steel, we have many standards for your sites, we adapt to your needs and offer you, from stock, all the stainless steel screws and hardware necessary for their installation.


We accompany the actors of the construction, from the craftsman to the general companies of the building while passing by the prescribers, to answer with reactivity and adaptability, with their needs in screws, hardware, supplies of standard parts or to measure out of steel, stainless steel and aluminium.


At the service of industrialists, from laser cutting to the manufacture of turnkey mechanically welded assemblies and sub-assemblies, from co-design to the finished product: design, custom-made and mass production.

We adapt to your specifications and the urgency of your maintenance services.


There is always a metal solution to create a link between our businesses and our team does everything possible to bring you an answer adapted to your sector